Seek Peek at Charlie Snow’s First Case

A Cold February Night

Clyde Underwood’s cell phone rang for the third time that night. He only wanted to sink his beer belly into the soft mattress. He fruitlessly brushed the few grey-black hairs that bothered to grow on his head back in frustration. “Hello?”
“Your perimeter alarm is going off. Shall I call 911?” The operator asked.
“No, no. I’ll go and check it out.”
His wife snaked her hand around his white T-shirt and rubbed his belly. “Send one of the kids.”
“Kelsey went earlier tonight and didn’t find any problems. I’ll go before we get a fine we can’t afford from the city.” He kissed the top of her head.
“Hurry home.”
“I will Jerri, I swear. I’d rather be here with you.”
“Likely story.” She fell back on the bed, her dyed blonde hair cascaded over the satin sheets. She gave him her most sultry look. He glanced at the lacy negligée she preferred to wear despite it being a typical Midwest February night. Flannel pajama weather. She looked much nicer than her fifty-three years had been to her. Then again she spent his profits on plastic surgery. Apparently being the well adorned wife of jewelry store owner was no longer enough. He minded.


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