Re-Launch and Goals....


I've been away from by blog for almost a year now. My fiction writing hasn't stopped, but I did need to spend some time to get my act together so to speak. I have many exciting projects I'm working stayed tuned.

I've decided to focus this blog a bit more and to add some structure to it. So It will go on as follows. 

On Mondays I will write a piece about the business of writing and how to put a business plan together if you want to make money as a writer. I will give you specific tips as to how to get your writing to make money for you. Things like getting Amazon to work for you. How to use the keywords to get into subcategories, how to evaluate your marketing plan, just what the heck a marketing plan is...etc. 

On Wednesdays I will write a post about either how to do something in fiction writing, such as outlining or character building, or how to have more fun while you are writing. I don't know about ou guys, but I decided to write because I love it. I believe you should love it. 

On Fridays I will give you a little something from whatever project I'm working on. Which is what I have done today.

There will be many opportunities to guest blog if you have something to say. If you have an upcoming project, then by all means connect with me. The best place is via Twitter. @blacklily_f


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