A Sneak Peek at the Sneak Peek Portion of the Blog

Hi! As promised I am working on getting a few things together. I have many projects I have been working on this past summer and now many are entering the final stages almost ready for announcement.

Things I will be working on:

  1. Assembling an email list. Yeah, I'm going to break down and get the basics of marketing together for once in my life. Because I have projects that need it.
  2. I have projects that will need marketing! Wait, what? Melanie is going to actually pull her act together? I know right? Stay tuned because...
  3. My Buddy Dr. Latanya Hughes has a new book coming out. I do some very basic editing for her. We go way back. So from time to time we will check in on Dr. Hughes, her work, and how it's going.
  4. My buddy Kalen Williamson is releasing a book. I've been her friend/writing coach for a little over two years. Launch date is very soon.
  5. I convinced my friends to let me put together a collection of short stories. We will have information about a release date on that pretty soon.
  6. I am editing my own short stories and prepping my first mystery novel in a long time for self release.

So that's a pretty long list of things going on around here. Kalen and I are going to be pretty open about how we are approaching launching our writing careers here. Stay tuned because this is the space where we tell you what worked, what didn't and what is coming next. 


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