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Technical Tuesday: Adjectives

Adjectives: a word...(that) typically serves as a modifier of a noun to denote the quality of the thing named, to indicate quantity or extent, or to specify a thing as distinct from something else.  (, retrieved March 4, 2019) 
In other words adjectives are words that describe, modify or limit nouns and pronouns. These are classic descriptors, words like red and green, big and small, many and few. And using them typically comes as naturally to a native speaker as breathing.

There are a few rules concerning adjectives. Specifically the Royal Order of Adjectives (and where I disagree)

1  Opinion - pretty,
2  Size -little, big,
3  Physical Quality - smooth, rough,
4  Shape - round, triangular,
5  Age - young, old
6  Color - blue, green
7  Origin - English, American
8  Material - steel, plastic
9  Type - general purpose,
10 Purpose - cleaning,

I absolutely hate this one. And I would never use age after shape. I would never write, that's a pretty little triangular ol…

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