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The Sins of the Wolf, Anne Perry

 The Book     Hester Latterly accepts a position as a traveling nurse to accompany an elderly lady, Mrs. Mary Farraline from Edinburgh, Scotland to London to see her youngest daughter. Mary is going because her daughter is pregnant, and about to give birth to her first child. So Hester, between private nursing jobs, and unable and unwilling to work in a hospital setting, decides to take advantage of her freedom and do a little bit of traveling. She has a long, overnight train ride from London to Edinburgh and arrives very tired. She find the Farralines to be an ordinary, self made family, with a few not very serious squabbles. But her time there is short. Before long she is packed onto the train, and she and Mary chug away towards London.  As the night deepens, she and Mary talk about their travels, their experiences of army life, since Mary's late husband, Hamish, had been a captain and in the Battle of Waterloo when they were newly married. Hester enjoys the conversat

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