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Sorting Through the Noise

So, a conversation broke out among some of my writer friends on Twitter a few days ago about all of the options for self-publishing. One such person, who has probably scoured every. Single. Blog. Post. There. Is. on the subject, lamented that the advice is often contradictory, and confusing. I get that. So let me sort through some of the noise for you.  First and foremost, don't be afraid. You are going to screw this up your first time through. If nobody has told you that, then I'm sorry. But there is just no way to do something as complicated as self-publishing without making a total mess out of your first book launch. It. Will. Happen. Stop. Being. Afraid. Of. It. Now, take a deep breath and come to terms with this fact. Once you have accepted, that like learning any new skill you will make mistakes, you can look at the first launch and your options with less stress.  Secondly, there are no right or wrong answers out there. You simply have to look at your options a

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