Pajamas Day

So today I got up and literally didn't have a clean outfit. So I did what any overwhelmed mom would do. I pulled out a clean pair of PJ bottoms (I'm not sure why they were separated from their top) and a clean T-shirt and proceeded to avoid the laundry. I had a couple of errands I had to do dressed like this which got me thinking, I need to put this in a scene somewhere.

I have to admit I got a couple of pretty snotty looks for being out in public like this. But hey, it happens in this modern, over scheduled world. So...what would your characters drop if they got too busy? This can't be just a modern phenomenon. And what kind of hilarious situations would your peeps get in to? What's the funniest thing that could happen? Write it down, just a sentence, and pull it put the next you're stuck. Maybe the scene won't stay in. But it might give you a new insight into their world.


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