A Little Je Ne Se Quoi

It's here! It's NaNoWriMo time and I have boldy started this year's project. By which I mean I got home today, finished dinner and sat down to create my novel. Now if you read the post from earlier this week, you know that I am basically re-starting a novel I was precisely two scenes into when I abandoned it. I had very little else planned, I was pantsing the whole thing. 

Now I'm not going to reuse the scenes I had written. There are a couple of reasons behind this. If you were following along last summer, you know I wrote a cold case novel. In the process of writing it, I changed some minor things about that world. It's not a big deal, but it gives me a chance to work in some of the world building things from that novel. Those changes make it so I need to change the opening scenes. And since those changes are massive, I'm just going to write them from scratch. 

Secondly, while I am going to keep up the world, this is going to be a crossover novel, and I am going to crossover several characters from the other series, and I have crossed over several characters from this world into that previous novel. I want to be able to work in this series, with these other characters without depending on having the same MC over both of them. I have a pretty good idea which character will become the new lead, but I'm open to change. 

Now, if you went and read the blog post, you will know one of the simple sentences in that post was Mary ran. This simple sentence is going to appear in the first page of the novel. I absolutely promise that, but...it won't be Mary ran. My characters are French, so it's going to be Marie instead of Mary.

Alright, so we know Marie ran. Now to build out that first scene I am going to answer a few questions. 

Q: Who is Marie? 
A: Eight year old daughter of Heloise Rosseau
Q: What made Marie run? 
A: She found her mother murdered
Q: When did Marie run?
A: Very early in the morning.
Q: Where did Marie run?
A: Marie ran from her house to the house next door belonging to Beth Wilson, one of our crossover characters.
Q: Why did Marie run?
A: She thought the murder was still in the house

Oooh, those are a lot of good questions that will have to be answered. I bet it will take a good 2000 words to evoke scenes and follow up scenes to make those answers full. Time to get to work. I want to update my word count today, if I can.

If you are participating in National Novel Writing Month, good luck. 

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