Overview:  Over the next month I have a series of blogs planned all about the editing process. Below I'm listing the titles, and at the end of the month I will put all of the links to those posts in this blog. So bookmark this entry or click in the upper right hand corner to subscribe to get all of the blog posts on editing. 

So for all of you participating in #JaNoEdiMo, welcome. I will posts question on my Twitter feed every weekday and good luck. This is your Day 1 assignment: Hopefully you have finished your NaNo Novel by now and are ready to get editing. Great. Now get to rereading all of those words wrote. Get familiar with them and get ready to cut your darlings. Each week I am going to  focus on a different aspect of editing and each day a different technique to apply to your work. Pick and choose what works for you. Feel free to leave comments on your experiences.

Week One: Big Picture. For the rest of the week this will be about tools to help you get the Big Idea in shape. Tools are Outlines, Highlighting, Index Cards

Week Two: Answering those big question. Revise or Rewrite? Missing Scenes? Dropped Thread? Missing Details? Expanding a Minor Character?

Week Three: Cutting to the Quick. Combining Character, Cutting Scenes, Cutting Subplots, Cutting Overused Words, Cutting Unnecessary Words

Week Four: Technical Improvements. One Idea Per Sentence, One Sentence Per Idea, Matching Verb Tenses, Don't Stop Pacing, Of Poetry and Prose

Week Five: Final Clean Up. Purple Prose, Finely Polished, One Last Pass, Send It to the Betas 

Get reading and good luck! 


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