Cutting Overused Words

Cheat Sheet time! Let's go! Here are the easiest things to cut out of your overworded, sluggish manuscript. Your list will vary, but that's OK. You should know what words you like to use over, and over again. They may change from project to project, but you know what they are. And just in case you don't, any word you use three times or more in a two page run should be considered for your personal list. Having said there, here is a list of some of the most overused words to put in the search bar and start deleting or rewriting. You don't have to cut them all out, just two out of every three or so. And only where it makes sense. Let's Go! 

And         It           For            Not
But         Other     More         New
So          Good      Best          Many     
That       Great      First          Important  
A            Able       Love         Seriously
Be          Like       With          Because 
To          Hate       Just            Look
Of          If            Well          Most
Have      Be          Have         Will
Would   Was         Could        The        

There you have it, 40 commonly used words that you may or may not overuse in your writing. Your results will vary. Just start cutting these words out or rewriting these sentences. It will make your writing better, your prose tighter, and it will keep your reader in the story. Keep going, you're over the halfway point now. 

What words do you use too much? Leave them in the comments below.


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