Marketing Monday: Launching a Series

So the planning begins. In about three weeks I am going to release my very first story in my new series. I have worked hard to get this series off the ground. I have completed two novel length first drafts, I have four completed short stories, two more stories that are nearly completed, and the framework for four more short stories. The short stories are a part of my strategy around this main character, and they are all holiday themed. I am starting at the beginning of the year, with a New Year's Day themed story which I will promote on Twitter. In fact, I plan to promote all the short stories on Twitter. I don't expect to get any sales, (or any KU reads for that matter either), from this effort, but that's OK. 

What I am trying to prove is that Tweeting books if you are a "start up" writer is pointless. I am sharing my results with you so you don't have to make these mistakes. Why do I believe it doesn't work? Because experience proves to me it doesn't work. When I get to the end of January, I will share my sales with you. If I get anything, I will let you know. 

Now there are many things you should do, when you are starting a series. Here is my list, you list may be different.

1) Write stories.         Check
2) Get Covers.           Check
3) Get Reviews.         Working On It
4) Get Marketing.      Working On It
5) Get Email List.      Working On It

Alright, next week I will update you on how much of the list I've gotten done, and I will explain why Twitter is where I'm promoting my work, and what my budget is going to be. You can follow this experiment by hitting the subscribe button on the top right of the page. It really makes me happy when you do. 


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