Bunny's Snowflake Challenge 3

Follow this link: Bunny's Ramblings 
to see the original photo as the source of inspiration for this flash fiction piece.

I would like to thank @BunnyDarkness for doing this challenge. Here's my stab at it. 

The Fire Place
The flames lick the wood, sending a tendril of smoke up the chimney. The smell tickles my nose as I spritz the cinnamon broom, and they blend together to magically transport me back to my childhood. Behind me a model train whirs on the track, chugging along past the school, the houses, the reindeer, the packages beneath the tree. It puff, puff, puffs the fake smoke out of the plastic smoke stack and sings a little song. I spy the sugar cookie-half eaten, the glass of milk-half drunk. I smile as I slip one last present into place. Then finger to my nose, I’m gone again, oblivious to boot print, smudging up the floor.


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