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So the story goes a little like this: About two years ago I sauntered into my online chatroom with my writer friends and asked if we wanted to pool together to put a short story collection out. We did and now, we have. Please pick up a copy.

There with the obligatory please-buy-my-book out of the way, here what I am pledging to show you. How we constructed a marketing plan, how we put that into action and our results.

Thing one, while we have sold some stories individually before, none of us is a super-star indie book publisher. Our marketing budget is zero. That's right, absolutely nothing. All we have are our personal social media, personal blogs, and whatever else I can come up with to get the word out and get our book sold. I figure a year from now we will have sold a whopping 50 books total. And that, my friends would probably be pushing it.

The greatest thing we can get in life is experience. I am going to document our efforts here, tell you what we've done. Put links to all of the places who might be nice enough to host us, and tell you how it goes.

We released the book last weekend. We have, as of this writing, sold seven copies. 7

What we have done: Distributed link to all co-authors, Tweeted link, and put link on Facebook.

Happily we have many writer friends who are Re-tweeting our links and several people have shared the link on Facebook.

Things left to do: Find places to advertise.

Random musings: This book is available on Amazon and only Amazon for now. It's simply the easiest way to go and the reports there are very easy to understand. And a last thing, you want Amazon's algorithms to work for you. This means finding an audience. Amazon is happy to help by putting you into other people's "also boughts" if you give them the information they need to make it happen. It is absolutely the best way to get your books read. But finding those first 50 to 100 readers is the hard part. Keep trucking my friends, keep trucking and we will learn this together.Campfire Stories 


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