Marketing Monday: Compiling the Lists

Quick Update,  Campfire Stories, has sold a grand total of 11 copies, one in the UK. Not bad considering we are not pushing this thing very hard.

Ok, moving on. I have spent my marketing time the last week working on my marketing lists. By which I mean I am compiling lists of places to advertise my books online. I might end up running a sale on this book, I don't know. I do have my other co-authors to work with on that. But I know I will be marketing my forthcoming series and that means I have to find places where I am going to advertise my books. Here's how I'm doing it.

Step One: Find places where people talk about eBook advertising. I go on Kboards. and other forums to read what other people's experiences are.

Step Two: Write down what other people are using. I go into my spreadsheet program and write down the name of the site, the web address, how many reviews are needed to get on, sale vs new release/full price, etc, pricing information. This list is organized alphabetically.

Step Three: Organize into tiered lists. Where can I fill out a form and hopefully pay nothing, what costs less than X, less than Y, less than Z, Mac Daddy. In this type of system there is a system for what the forums seem to say about how well it works. This will later be complimented by my own results.

Step Four: Start separate list for Book Blog Tours and Facebook Groups. Some of this is networking and getting onto other people's blogs. Sometimes you can pay to go on book tours. These lists work similarly, from free to expensive and what I hope the impact will be.

Rinse, repeat. I am trying to spend some time every week looking for new places where I can, when I want to, put advertising energy or money. I feel it is really important to be on the lookout for new places to put your book up. There is a very simple reason for this, fads come and go. Blogging may be the most productive this year, next year it's Facebook Groups, the next year maybe Facebook Ads. The point is, you have to know what it is working, and you have to constantly look for new people to buy your books. It does take work and if you are going to be self-published, it is part of the job.

Happy Research


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