Writing Games: Your Character is Screwed

Welcome to our Writing Games. Every other month or so, I'm going to come up with a scenario and challenge you guys to write a short story based around the prompt. You will have three weeks to finish your story and then we will put them up on our blogs or right here if you don't have a blog.

Homework Click the link and watch a few of the first season episodes of Dude You're Screwed if you need inspiration. Because you character is about to play the game.
Here are the rules: Your character (I don't care which one, antagonist, protagonist, minor character whatever) has been abducted by the guys on Dude You're Screwed and dropped off in middle of nowhere in the most extreme environment your world has to offer. Or if you are writing on Earth, whatever environment you character hates the most.
Your character has  100 hours and 20 miles to find civilization in order to win the game. They have been given a survival pack which must include the proper clothing to survive the encounter and the rest are prank gifts the boys thought would be funny. No tents, no food, no water, no weapons, no maps in the survival pack. Your character has been searched for items that would help them find the game, but each episode the veteran players sneak something past. To sneak an item in, your character must get it past a pretty thorough pat down. Shoes are generally removed and checked.
If your character gets hypothermia they loose the game. If your character gets sun stroke, they loose the game. If your character runs out of time, they loose the game. If your character gets badly injured, they loose the  game. They have a camera person to talk to, but other than normal conversation the camera person is not allowed to help in anyway. Your character will survive by their skills and brains alone.
Your scenario starts when the boys lift the hood off of your character and he/she sees where they are.
I look forward to what happens.


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