March Update: CEO Challenge

If you read my CEO Challenge, then you know I set out an ambitious goal of reading six books a month. Inside my head, I would read one book a week and listen to one book a month, so at the end of the year I would have read/listened to 64 books. I am ahead on the listening schedule and very far behind on the reading schedule. There have been a couple of reasons for that. 

1) I've been lazy.  I mean there's no point in lying. I haven't been reading every single day. I've only finished reading one physical book of the list.

2) My library card has had some issues. It's not what you think. I'm not banned and I don't have any fines. I returned my book just fine. But until this week I couldn't reserve books from other libraries as I tried to get some minor password issues sorted out. I've finished it and now I am going to pick up my next round of books tomorrow.

3) A large portion of my list is made of up books from the 20th century that were best sellers. None of the libraries in my area have copies of some of the books, so they will have to be crossed off the list. This is a problem for best selling, older books, which were popular say, 100 years ago, but did not go on to be classics. They have the classics, just not these older books. Sigh. I guess I will just have to keep going down the source lists until I get enough books.

Which might have you guys wondering if I will be able catch up. Uh, sure, I know I could. I could probably read 60+ books just during the summer if I tried. I mean, give me a semi-quiet space and I've been known to read five 400 page books a week. But, we will see.

I'm sorry blog updates have been a bit spotty these last two moths. I've been writing more in my fiction work and trying to shape my career there. When I have something meaningful to share, I will.  In the mean time, I think for April I will switch between poetry, for National Poetry Month, and writing scripts since it is April Camp NaNoWriMo and April used to be Script Frenzy.

Next book up:

Fiction: Dona Barbara

NonFiction: Sapiens,


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