Getting My Sh** Together

So this is it. I've finally finished my Invisalign! I've chosen a pen name, and now I'm going to release my work to the world.

This blog ' s title may have led you to believe I was never going to do it, but we'll I am. I don't need money the way other writers do. I might want the attention being published will bring me,  so I won't deny that. I'll tell you what I want. What I really, really want. I want to be read.

I would love for my mystery series to take off to heights previously unknown. I want my work to appear in every airport in America. Fingers crossed, right?

I'm off to publish in Indie Author obscurity. Where the daily challenge is to convince an ever more skeptical public that my work is worth reading. Despite the fact they don't even know my name.What I will promise you here is an open an authentic discourse of my publishing journey. I will show you guys step by step how I'm doing it. And I hope a few of my lessons can help you guys out. We shouldn't all have to suffer.

I'm also considering what competitions I should enter.

One last thing. Expect an announcement shortly on a group project with me and my friends. I'm so excited. 


Yay! Ah, I'm so excited to hear this!

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