Surprise, NaNo is here.

So yeah, I buried myself in work all of October and basically forgot to do my three times a week update of my blog...and I looked up last night and wondered, where did the time go? I am in need of a time machine because I have bupkis, nada, nothing planned for the epic story I'm writing this year. And yeah I'm pantsing this year. I know this world backwards, forwards, and upside down. I know this story so well it's like picking up with your BFF after years away. 

Still, stopping and planning would be a good thing. I might do some of that on the plane. And I can't wait to be at my mom's for a needed vacation and some quiet writing time. 

So pity my husband. His wife is about to abandon him for a week, leaving kids, puppy, soccer and all of his school board work in his hands. And write on, my friends. Write on.


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