3 Things Your Writing Plan Must Have

Today I am going to talk about three things your business plan must have so you can make your living at writing.

1) A Production Goal- You have to know how many books you can write in a year. In general the most successful indie writers I know write 2 novels and 2 novellas each year. They stagger their releases to get one out every quarter. 

2) A Sales Goal- This will be two fold. One is target you think you can hit. Chances are if you are just starting out you know how to sell maybe ten books. You need time and practice to extend your range.  You also need to know how many books you need to sell to replace your current income. (We will talk more about this later.)

3) A Marketing Plan- This is how you plan to get your book in front of readers eyes.

A couple of quick things here. There is an old saying..."It takes money to make money." 

And that is true. Word of mouth is the most powerful tool you have. Use it wisely by writing the best books and keep challenging yourself make your writing better. Work on sentence tension and story tension to keep your readers having fun and flipping through the pages. But you can't expect to drop a book on Amazon and boom a million people will just download it, no matter how great the cover and writing are. We will be going step by step on how to build out from here. Just know that this is process that many people have mastered and you can too. 

In the real world, business fail every day. And like I said when I started writing about business plans, most fail. They fail because they don't have a plan. Most people have not challenged their assumptions about the world and as a result, after taking a risk with hard earned money, they fail. This ruins relationships and makes people feel bad about themselves. This all could be avoided just by making a plan. The best plans are maps, just representations about what the real world looks like, but with all of the important information you will need. It will tell you where you have started and it will give you a way to see if you are getting where you want to go. So start your plan today. 


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