Writing Games: Setting Pitch

So this is Round 2 of Writing Games. I'd like to wave a big hello to my fellow #CampNaNo writers! A huge hug goes out to those brave souls who are brave enough be in my cabin. Here is a little idea I've been bantering around.

So three film producers are sitting at a bar complaining about their latest sci-fi movie. The script is lacking something important. It has no interesting worlds or locations. One of the producers, with more money than sense stands on the bar, almost completely drunk and brings the room to a stop. The producer yells out to the crowd. "A hundred thousand dollars to the person in this bar who can save this script and make the final combat scene set some place extreme. I want the location to be so fierce that the set becomes a character in my movie."
Alright, you have your challenge. Give me something interesting.


Anonymous said…
Here you go!

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